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Creative Dave | Motivational Speaker | Creativity Coach

Creative Dave


Activate your Genius Mode

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This is me

Creative Dave teaches  businesses, 
schools,  and 
 students   how to

unleash their  Genius Mode  

through  creative thinking skills  and 

the  power of failure.

creative workforce is your biggest asset.

I'm David Dubczak. I run Conjunction Media, a company that specializes in corporate training video production. I have also been a middle school teacher for the past ten years (I was once told middle school teachers got a free pass into heaven after ten years). 

To inspire the people and students I work with, I passionately studied creativity, and now I'm bringing creativity to you.  I want to inspire you, your workforce, your schools, and your students by teaching  Creative Thinking Skills  through keynote addresses and seminars. 

My theme is  "Unleash Your Genius Mode."  Creative thinking is something everyone can learn. Failure is an important part of the creative process everyone should learn to embrace. 

If you are a business, contact me about speaking to your workforce. If you are a school, I would love to speak to your students. Get in touch today.

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