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Creative Dave


Activate your Genius Mode
with live and virtual learning sessions

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75% of people believe they're not living up to their creative potential.

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This is me

Creative Dave teaches  businesses, 
schools,  and 
 students   how to

activate their  Genius Mode  

through  creative thinking skills  and 

the  power of failure.

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creative workforce is your biggest asset.

I'm David Dubczak. I run Conjunction Media, a company that specializes in corporate training video production. I have also been a middle school teacher for the past ten years (I was once told middle school teachers got a free pass into heaven after ten years). 

To inspire the people and students I work with, I passionately studied creativity, and now I'm bringing creativity to you.  I want to inspire you, your workforce, your schools, and your students by teaching  Creative Thinking Skills  through keynote addresses and seminars. 

My theme is  "Activate Your Genius Mode."  Creative thinking is something everyone can learn. Failure is an important part of the creative process everyone should learn to embrace. 

If you are a business, contact me about speaking to your workforce. If you are a school, I would love to speak to your students. Get in touch today.


About our Genius Mode workshops

Kendi, class participant

Dave taught an excellent class on the creative process and showed us specific steps and strategies for helping draw out the creative thinking from our students. Due to the socially-distant nature of 2020, Dave taught this class virtually, and he included many small group activities where every voice was heard. This was an active learning class. Each activity built up our understanding of the creative process.

Monica, class participant

The class is very interesting and informative. It challenges you to think outside of the box and try new things you have never seen before. Also the tools and techniques that you are given are very useful to adapt to your current units within the classroom, and even get you to create new ones.

Terry, consulting client

"I asked Dave to help create a CRM for my real estate brokerage. Our discussion took us in many directions at first, yet as we continued, the focus began to narrow to a place that provided a couple of good options for a CRM and who would be available to help create it and possibly manage the CRM. In addition we landed on four or five innovative ideas of becoming a local expert who people would recognize and learn to trust. David's system of managing a conversation brought out the best ideas from each individual in the group."

Get the Book

Have you seen one of Creative Dave's videos or presentations and want to know more about Activating your  Genius Mode  with the  Creativity Formula?  Get the book here!


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For teachers and schools! Do you want practical tips, step-by-step guides, and student activities for activating your  Genius Mode  with the  Creativity Formula? 


This 82-page handbook explains the theory behind creativity and how it applies to the classroom. Find step-by-step instructions for facilitating Creative Problem Solving, and write lessons for helping students learn from failures. Get the book here!


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