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Activate your Genius Mode

Systems for your workforce to have better ideas

What is the value of the ideas you haven't had yet?

Businesses are built on ideas. 


These ideas create innovative products that elevate you above your competitors. 

These ideas create more value for your clients and customers.

These ideas fulfill your workforce. 

What's more important? 46% of customers will pay more for a superior experience (according to Adobe's State of Create)

So, we ask you again:

What is the value of the ideas you haven't had yet?

(Hint: Priceless)

The ability to have these ideas is an ability that can be taught. Here's how:


Innovators see problems as possibilities and opportunities. Daily exercises teach participants to look for these opportunities in everyday life.

Mental Searching

Whatever your "writer's block" is, make it a thing of the past. These techniques make your ideas bigger, better, and more unique.

Group Dynamics

Not just brainstorming. Systems that guide conversation, promote unique ideas, and help the best ones rise to the top.

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Implementation Plans

The best ideas fail without proper planning. Learn how to take these ideas to implementation without killing them.

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Who Am I?

I am infatuated with innovations. But, what's more, I'm infatuated with the systems behind them. 

The Wright Brothers had a system. SpaceX had a system. The best innovations aren't the result of random lightbulb moments... they're the result of people or groups that had a system they harnessed to create and refine their innovation. 

I started my career as a middle school teacher. Creative thinking has always been easy to me. I realized right away that it isn't like that for most people. 

My middle school students struggled. I talked to people in business who had employees that struggled the same way. 

They struggled with autonomy, and they struggled to know what to do without someone telling them exactly how.

So, I studied. When I got my M.Ed, I studied Productive Failure, the notion that intentionally inducing failure in the teaching process leads to better long-term learning.

And, creative thinking underpins all of that. 

The best part? The best creative organizations are based on systems

You can count on systems. You can't count on random inspiration. You can't count on your employees having good days. 

Systems work. Luck is, well, lucky.

Now, the Genius Mode course teaches individuals and businesses the same systems used by the best innovators.

There's value in the ideas you haven't had yet. Go get it.

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