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"This is the best PD course I have taken in 13 years!"

- Kendi, High School Math Teacher

"This class is exceptional in giving teachers very practical, logical steps to helping students think creatively."

- Teresa, High School English Teacher

It takes more than just telling kids to be creative


Modeling my best NASA flight controller look for my 7th graders.

That's what I discovered in my first decade of teaching. When I just told my students, "This is your chance to be creative!" I would wind up with 10% of the students doing something truly creative, and 90% being imitations. 

Most teachers I talk to have the same problem: Many students just copy the example. They don't always do it out of laziness, just out of an inability to think of anything more creative. 

That's because if you want your students to be more creative, you have to teach them how. 

Just "letting them" be creative isn't going to be enough. 

And how to make your students be creative is something no one ever taught me in college.

But now, I've put together a complete resources and guidebook to teaching creativity in the classroom! Learn how to  inspire  the most creativity out of your students, to create richer, deeper, and more relevant learning.

Activate Your Genius Mode: School Edition

Based on the premise that genius is learned, not something students are born with, this book teaches:

❇️Theories of creativity. 📚

❇️What makes something creative?

❇️Why creativity is NOT artistry! 🎨

❇️How to promote psychological safety so the brain is ready to be creative. 🧠

❇️How to promote curiosity so students can make the connections that lead to creative products. 👀

❇️How to teach divergent thinking, so your students can think of lots and lots and lots of ideas! 🎆💡

❇️How to plan lessons using the Creative Problem Solving model.

❇️ How to plan lessons where students Learn from Failure.

❇️Reproducibles and worksheets.

❇️Inspiring stories about everyday creative genius!

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Jam-Packed with tools!

This 82-page handbook has everything you need to make this school year the most creative school year yet!

If you missed Creative Dave's workshops this summer, you can still get the remaining stock of workbooks for only $19.99 each while supplies last!