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Activate your Genius Mode!

Sessions and Workshops

All opportunities are offered either  live  or  virtually,  as part of our COVID-19 response.

Activate your Genius Mode!

Creative Dave's premiere keynote! There are maybe three or four people every hundred years that are born geniuses, born with something the rest of us don't have.

So what about the rest of us? We all have an inner "Genius Mode" that we can learn to activate through the power of Creative Thinking!

In this exciting keynote, Creative Dave shares the Creativity Formula, and shows your audience things that anyone can do, at any time, to help activate their Genius Modes!

Your business, employees, school, teachers, or students will leave inspired, knowing that geniuses aren't a few people that come around every hundred years, but that they have it within them to be geniuses themselves!

Genius Mode Workshops

These day-long workshops give your school or workplace the tools to implement creative practices in your everyday environment. Complete with workbooks and tip-sheets, participants learn how to recognize and foster the creativity that leads to genius!

Learning from Failure Keynotes and Workshops

Almost all innovations are the result of prior learning from failure. Innovation literature is filled with stories of businesses that became fearful of failure, and then stopped being innovative. 

In this keynote, your workforce will be inspired to see failure as a useful part of the innovation process!

Schools and teachers get a special version - as part of his M.Ed studies, Creative Dave developed a special method for incorporating failure in the classroom, derived from the latest methods at some of the best schools of engineering! Learn how to harness and incorporate Productive Failure in your classroom!